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back to braqueI find myself drawn back into the fractal world searching for abstract ideas as potential wood engraving designs or other forms of print making, especially  reduction woodcuts or linocuts.

This particular cubist style design came about beginning with a fractal base, of which I have many in my collection since exploration of fractal space is a passion of mine.

I added some of my own drawing and textures into the mix.

The image was further developed with some synthesizing programs and finished off in Photo Shop. The editorial choices were many and in fact one of the more difficult challenges when working in the digital realm.

The downside in this case is the physical size resolution isn’t the ideal 300 dpi. It’s at 150, although I could up-sample  it  but don’t really like doing that.

Nevertheless, I’m happy with the design and obvious reference to  Georges Braque, the father of Cubism.

If someone actually wants to own a copy they can get it here.

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  1. Neil Peck May 4, 2013

    A very nice abstract image!

  2. John Steins May 4, 2013 — Post author

    Thanks Neil!

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