KIAC christmas fair

Christmas Fair in Dawson

Once in awhile I’ll leave my studio and actually engage in the ‘real’ world. This past Saturday I shared a sales table with my jeweler friend Sharon Edmunds at the KIAC Christmas fair. Lots of folks and good discussion on wood engravings and how I make them. Happy to say many left with an image or […]

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Laid to Rest

I came across this wood engraving the other day, although it looks more like a woodcut. The artist is Felix Vallotton, a Swiss painter and printmaker from the last century. Given the wonderful results of the American election yesterday, this image is certainly an apt commentary on the outgoing administration. The title Le Mauvais Pas […]

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Box 40

Here’s my offering for the Box 40 show which opens on the 17th of May at the YAAW gallery in Whitehorse. All members were given a blank box to decorate in some way for the exhibition which will also serve as a fund raiser for ceramic artist Patrick Royle who is in the hospital right […]

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