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    Reduction Linocuts

    Need inspiration or guidance on reduction printmaking? I know I do. Here’s a great overview on the methods used by Los Angeles printmaker Dave Lefner. I’ve been following his art for awhile. His work-ethic and approach to his craft is very motivating. Ahhh, so much to do, so little time… Here’s a great video by Ric Serena showing the artist…

  • Mother & Child ~ Linocut ~ John Steins
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    Linocut chopped up into four pieces

    Here’s another linocut from my archives that I made in the 1980’s employing a technique used by Edvard Munch. It’s the “jigsaw” method, meaning that you cut apart the elements of the lino block that you want inked separately. Then they are carefully assembled on the bed of the press and printed all at once. In this case I wanted…

  • Bird Dog ~ Linoleum print ~ John Steins
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    Knotty Dog

    A Favorite Linocut I’ve unearthed this old linocut of mine from one of my print drawers. It holds a special place for me because I sent it to my mom way back when, to offer up as a donation for one of several raffle prizes at a “church lady” fund raiser event. The punchline is that the winner of this…

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    Obama Linocut

    I’m racing against the clock trying to get my linocut dedication to Barack Obama done in time for Tuesday’s historic inauguration. The mouth region needs more definition but I’m a little timid to go there for fear of wrecking the whole thing, so I’ll take it bit by bit. Also, the view of earth from space that I put in…

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    Sucked Into the Green

    Bob Frisch knew the Yukon terrain like the back of his hand, he could lope over a mountain range at the drop of a hat in the way most of us trek over to the local convenience store for a bag of chips and a bottle of soda. One day he disappeared for weeks without a trace. We all got…

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    Courtney Love

    Even though Courtney Love and I aren’t acquainted, this “cult of celebrity” personage  fascinates me. Linoleum block print is approximately 6 x 7 inches, edition size 69. Here’s more info about this print.

  • lou reed
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    Lou Reed

    The other day when it was uber cold outdoors I thought an antidote might be a hit of mental therapy. So I broke out a piece of linoleum and began a cut of Lou Reed. That “School of Hard Knocks” face and the quintessential New Yorker ‘dude seems irresistible. Thinking about him now that he’s gone I always felt that even though he couldn’t really sing his…