Reduction Linocuts

Need inspiration or guidance on reduction printmaking? I know I do. Here’s a great overview on the methods used by Los Angeles printmaker Dave Lefner. I’ve been following his art for awhile. His work-ethic and approach to his craft is very motivating. Ahhh, so much to do, so little time… Here’s a great video by […]

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boxwood log

Wood Engraving Block Making

Here’s a couple of boxwood stumps along with a branch sitting on my messy band saw. The one in the foreground is about 8 inches across at the widest part. As you can see the wood is quite dry showing those splits in the wood. So the trick is to get as much yield as […]

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Mother & Child ~ Linocut ~ John Steins

Linocut chopped up into four pieces

Here’s another linocut from my archives that I made in the 1980’s employing a technique used by Edvard Munch. It’s the “jigsaw” method, meaning that you cut apart the elements of the lino block that you want inked separately. Then they are carefully assembled on the bed of the press and printed all at once. […]

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Opening at YAAW

YAAW stands for Yukon Artists at Work, with an emphasis on the term “work” just so we can be sure that making art isn’t simply the happy consequence of too much free time. Informed people know that a serious art practice involves lots of work, therefore it’s good to have that reflected in the title […]

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Bird Dog ~ Linoleum print ~ John Steins

Knotty Dog

A Favorite Linocut I’ve unearthed this old linocut of mine from one of my print drawers. It holds a special place for me because I sent it to my mom way back when, to offer up as a donation for one of several raffle prizes at a “church lady” fund raiser event. The punchline is […]

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New Virtual Booklet

I have added a new page flip booklet about wood engraving in my library. After a long absence I will be adding content that I hope is useful on this site while balancing my time in the studio. Hope you enjoy it. You can find it by clicking on this title; wood-engraving

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History of Wood Engraving

Here is an article about wood engraving from 1844, reprinted along with illustrations from a sheet that I purchased at a very cool bookstore in Astoria, Oregon last November. Box is the wood mostly used by modern wood-engravers; pear-tree, and other wood of a similar grain and fibre, being now only used in executing large […]

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Pecha Kucha!

Okay, a year ago I didn’t know what Pecha Kucha meant. A Mayan ruin in the Yucatan perhaps, or another way to say hootchie kootchie? Now that I’ve attended two and presented at one of them, I now know that it’s a very happening and groovy event involving ten presenters following a predetermined theme, each […]

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Book Cover Art

I was very pleased to accommodate poet Michael Eden Reynolds’ request for one of my linocuts as the cover art for his new collection of poems called Slant Room. The print that appealed to Michael most was a linoblock called Ornament. This was a cut I made after a wood engraving by Paul Nash, a […]

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