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    Exploratory Sketch

    Seems lately I’m addicted to using my iPad tablet as a sketchbook, which is pretty handy. With this image I’m clearly playing with emulating the look of a relief print. Making parallel lines and cross hatching is very satisfying and I do like the messy look of it in this case. Although I spent more time on this than I would…

  • smile wood engraving
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    A Mini-print

    Here's a deceptively simple wood engraving of a stylized face I'm working on right now. It's very small - 2.5 inches square. I'm enjoying the laying down of parallel lines in a manner that reveals form. In this small format every line, and cross hatch - either negative or positive - has an influence on the outcome of the image…

  • sarah palin
    Work in Progress

    Sarah Palin Woodblock Print

    Here’s my initial proof, or first state of a woodcut I did of Sarah Palin this afternoon. I used a photo from the web as a reference. I can’t get enough of Tina Fey’s send-up of her on Saturday Night Live. I really enjoyed the show last night as delivered by that company of talented company of comedic actors. Despite…