Threshing by Clare Leighton

Clare Leighton ~ Threshing ~ Wood Engraving

Threshing by Clare Leighton


  1. Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I have no Leightons for sale, I wish I did. These are reproductions to illustrate her amazing virtuosity as an engraver/printmaker.

  2. My mother recently told me that Clare Leighton was a good friend of my grandmother, Adelyn Breeskin, and lived with her for a while in Baltimore. Funny the things we never knew we wanted to know about from our parents and grandparents. However, my mother tells me that she received several Clare Leighton prints from her mother’s estate. She consigned them with a print dealer in Seattle and some of them have been sold, but she thinks that there may be one or more still available. I may have to see about recalling those…

  3. Neil, that’s very cool. Such a neat connection. I hope you get to recall whatever prints are unsold.

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