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My Trump Card

Time to display my “race“ card in time for the 2020 American election! Nothing rankles more than to hear people, especially in the media, speak of the US President as the “Leader of the free world”. Utter arrogant nonsense and grievously insulting to those who understand how leaders are actually elected. Millions of people living in the ‘free world’ have yet to cast a ballot for or against this so-called leader.  This odious moniker conjures up a bit of a dog’s breakfast that American Exceptionalism rules. Well, too many Americans are exceptionally racist, violent and divisive. The status quo stubbornly continues to wallow in the stank pool of American supremacist arrogance and entitlement like a quivering string of snot dangling on the end of a wire.

Donald Trump linocut

This design echoes my ‘Axis of Weasels’ playing card series when the US invaded Iraq, unprovoked, in 2003. At the time, I was forcibly removed from eBay for peddling my lino-cuts on their auction site. That caused a kerfuffle on the internet and began a short, intense ride on the World Wide Web rollercoaster.

It boggles that the American electorate can reach down so far, blindly riffling around in a grab bag of candidates, lifting up someone of the lowest common denominator. Not the leader of the ‘Free World’, by any stretch.

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