Sucked Into the Green

Lino cut called Sucked Into the Green depicting my naturalist friend Bob being sucked into a leafy green vortex.

MEDIUM: Digitized lino-cut
IMAGE SIZE: 14 x 14.5 in.
PAPER SIZE: 17 x 20 in.
PAPER: Archival
OTHER MARKS: signed, titled in pencil


Image showing my naturalist friend being sucked into a leafy green vortex. Yet again!


  1. Hi Sharon, yup that’s the story behind this print so many years ago!

    Perched on his outdoor biffy with the door swung wide open, the beckoning lush green foliage overwhelmed him. He gave in to his favorite vice; spontaneous and prolonged hikes into the Yukon wilderness he knew so well. Only this time he didn’t leave word, causing some consternation and worry after a week passed by.

    He said he was “Sucked in by the green”.

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