obsession linocut by John Steins

TITLE: Obsession
SIGNATURE: John Steins
MEDIUM: Linocut
IMAGE SIZE: 18 x 14 inches
PAPER SIZE: 22 x 20 inches
PAPER: Washi
OTHER MARKS: signed, titled and numbered in pencil

(click on image for larger view)


  1. Over the past ten years I have really learned to love printmaking. This is why. What a great print. Simple yet so much to take in!

  2. Thanks John! Did this on so long ago when I worked as a security guard at an abandoned gold mine in the Klondike. Had lots of time between doing the rounds for printmaking and noodling around on the guitar.

  3. No, I’m not. In the late seventies I had a juicy contract for above mentioned security guard work. The guardhouse was a small house with all of the amenities, I didn’t live there but commuted from town every morning. During my shift I had lots of time to do other stuff, like practice my chops and make prints.

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