Bush Ace of Clubs

George Bush as the Ace of Clubs in the Axis of Weasels card deck

TITLE: George Bush ~ Ace of Clubs
SIGNATURE: John Steins
MEDIUM: Linocut
IMAGE SIZE: 4.25 x 6 in.
PAPER SIZE: 8.5 x 9 in.
OTHER MARKS: signed, titled, numbered in pencil



It’s been said that the end of the Bush era presidency was the ‘end of an error’. Too bad that this “error” is still producing bitter fruit today in the form of strife in the Middle East and other global unrest. Not to mention the unnecessary destruction of Iraq.

I got into trouble on the auction site eBay in 2003 with my description of this print I listed there. It went something like this; “Every time I see George Bush’s moronic grin it conjures up an image of that little Iraqi girl with her brains blown out, oozing blood on the desert sand.”

So great if you could take a minute and leave your thoughts on this.