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Village ~ Wood Engraving by John Steins
TITLE: Village
ARTIST: John Steins
MEDIUM: Wood Engraving
IMAGE SIZE: 3 x 2.75 in
PAPER SIZE: 7 x 8.5 in
OTHER MARKS: signed, titled in pencil

PRICE: $50


A slightly romanticized view of the little town in which I live.


  1. Alice Leora Briggs August 11, 2009

    Hello John Steins,

    I have enjoyed looking at your work very much. I am wondering whether you make your own engrain blocks for wood engraving? I am guessing from the comment above that you do. What kind of wood do you favor most?

    Please forgive my many questions, but I am wondering about printing wood engravings on an etching press. I’m not sure about this yet as it may be a ridiculous idea. I figure there must be some sort of housing that I can build for a block to remain in place on the press bed. Have you ever tried anything like this, or do you use a more sane approach…with a baren?

    Again, your work is terrific!

  2. John Steins August 11, 2009 — Post author

    Hi and thanks for dropping by my site and for your encouraging comments.

    Yes, I do make my own blocks from time to time. I have a supply of boxwood that varies in quality but I do what I can to make up something when needed. I have access to a woodworking shop, so that helps.

    Check out this link on my blog where I discuss relief printing on a press

    It works very well as long as your engraving block is nice and flat.

    Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any additional advice.


  3. dave wesley December 7, 2009

    i really admire your work i’m just getting into engraving and wood working in general I am clueless about where the best spot to buy my first tools for wood burning and engraving [is there a difference between engrave and wood burning] thanx

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