Q&A ~ Graphic design done by computer?

Is good graphic design best achieved by computer? Or is the best method still done manually i.e. painting, printmaking, colored pencil?


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One thought on “Q&A ~ Graphic design done by computer?

  1. In the old days, it was done by hand but can be more tedious this way. I use computers because I am used to it. When it comes to hand-drawn or cartoons, it is better to do it manually.

    A good practice is to make a drawing manually and then scan it into the computer for further manipulation and changes. I think it’s more fun and satisfying to add color than manually. At least this way you are free of a painting program telling you what a brush stroke should look like. So, follow your heart. It’s amazing what some artists can do with a simple graphite pencil, never mind a tablet and stylus.

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