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A Favorite Linocut

Bird Dog ~ Linoleum print ~ John SteinsI’ve unearthed this old linocut of mine from one of my print drawers. It holds a special place for me because I sent it to my mom way back when, to offer up as a donation for one of several raffle prizes at a “church lady” fund raiser event. The punchline is that the winner of this linocut – which I happen to really like, still – was rejected, frame and all, by the winner of the draw. I remember being pretty offended. Can’t imagine why anyone would turn their nose up to this print.

Looking at this linocut today causes a movie to start playing in my head showing me sitting by the window in a vintage gold rush log cabin in the Yukon, hunched over my slab of linoleum making this drawing and then feverishly gouging the lino. I was very pleased with the residual lines that suggest tension and movement. The ribcage could have been executed better.

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  1. Aine Scannell February 27, 2010

    Yeah…..mad ……..maybe they were frightened by it. It was probably way out of their comfort zone.
    Its a very good print. What size is it?

  2. John Steins February 27, 2010 — Post author

    Definitely outside the comfort zone! Anyway, thanks for taking time to comment.

    The image is about 10 x 15 inches and an edition of 25 prints. It’s been out of circulation all this time so I haven’t sold many.

    Glad you like it.

  3. andre September 16, 2012

    Hello John

    How much your Bird Dog engraving sells for in today’s market?

    Thank you kindly

    Andrei I

  4. John Steins October 29, 2012 — Post author

    Hi Andre, My apologies for the delay in replying. Yes the Bird Dog print is available for purchase and is $80 USD.

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