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Sucked Into the Green

Sucked into the Green ~ Lino-cut ~ John Steins

Bob Frisch knew the Yukon terrain like the back of his hand, he could lope over a mountain range at the drop of a hat in the way most of us trek over to the local convenience store for a bag of chips and a bottle of soda.

One day he disappeared for weeks without a trace. We all got worried about this prolonged absence despite our faith in his abilities as a great outdoors-man and naturalist. As soon as the the police where asked to mobilize their tracking dogs, Bob came thrashing through a thicket of brush.

Asked to explain his two week disappearance he sheepishly confessed to being “sucked into the green” while sitting on the john with the outhouse door wide open facing the leafy green jungle that he loved to explore.

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  1. Brian W. Thair June 5, 2011

    The Green. It is an opaque block to my vision in the summertime. The GREEN is all there is. Winter strips the forest buck-naked for survival. While I can see further, I don’t believe that my vision is any better.

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