ARTIST: John Steins
TITLE: Knife
MEDIUM: Photograph
IMAGE SIZE: 10 x 15 in.
PAPER SIZE: 13 x 19 in.
PAPER: Archival
OTHER MARKS: signed, titled, numbered in pencil

Magnified view of an old style utility knife with perspiration holes in the cast iron handle. This heavy, red object lived in my father’s studio, which he used for cutting mat board, paper, etc. A common object as a powerful trigger for activating certain neural pathways in my memory.

This photograph was selected to be in The Canadian National Art Bank.

2 reviews for Knife

  1. Rob Ingram

    I am reading your site carefully as I really like it and intend to steal ideas!

  2. John Steins

    Hi Rob, glad you approve of my efforts and encourage you to ‘steal’ away!! Wasn’t it Picasso who said that mediocre artists “borrow”, great artists steal.


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