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Leda’s Swan

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  1. Janice Cliff January 29, 2009

    hey John…I am curious about your recent photos…are you shooting 120 and scanning the negs? are you doing any digital manipulation? and are they printed on the epson? (the naturalism series) (they are really stunning by the way)

  2. John Steins January 29, 2009 — Post author

    Hi Janice, thanks for the compliment, coming from a pro like you means a lot to me!

    The Dog House Blues image is 120 film scanned and tweaked in PS CS3. The other two are digital photos. Not much manipulation in the Creek image but the Swan is a composite of two photos I took in San Fransisco last year (2008).

    I’ve been liking the square format, hence the 120 look.

    I’m printing on an Epson 4800 Pro and an R1800. The 4800 does an amazing job.

    And I’m totally flattered you’re checking out my recent work.

  3. Janice Cliff January 29, 2009

    this swan feels like it is from some other time period. like before photography was invented! well done.

  4. John Steins January 29, 2009 — Post author

    Thanks, I wanted it to look like an old world painting. From Rembrandt’s time, for example.

  5. Terry Cumming February 18, 2009

    My wife and I bought a framed print of this at the YAW Gallery in Whitehorse the weekend before last. We love it and what a lot of beautiful artwork you do, and for such affordable prices.

  6. John Steins February 18, 2009 — Post author

    Thanks Terry, really appreciate your support. As far as pricing goes, it’s always hard to know what to charge.


  7. garry tuckey June 28, 2009

    i recently purchased a print of an artist p.spuzak it is 179/550 prints it’s called early morning moose.just wondering if you have ever heard of this artist,please send reply.thanks garry tuckey

  8. John Steins June 28, 2009 — Post author

    Hi Garry,
    Sorry, I’m not familiar with the artist you mentioned. Is he supposed to be from the Yukon?

  9. kim matthews April 4, 2012

    Adore, adore, adore!

  10. John Steins April 4, 2012 — Post author

    Thanks Kim! Appreciate that.


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