Undulating Spirits


  • John Steins

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for your message and glad you have that piece on your wall. It’s certainly one of my favourites (he said, unbiasedly!). One of these times Paula and I will have to make it over to your neck of the woods, sounds so exotic.


  • Scott Boyce

    Hi John, my Circumpolar neighbor-
    Today I picked up my/your/her (since Kim bought it for me as a gift) Undulating Spirits from the framing shop and promptly hung it in my vestibule. It looks great! I now have three pieces of yours in my home.
    One Saturday night a few winters ago I was wandering home at 3 am, taking the scenic route with a friend along the Dvina River embankment, and we happened to see some Northern Lights. Here in Arkhangelsk, this was something of an event. The next day I got an email from Ian in Whitehorse, he was writing to tell me he had witnessed an especially spectacular display of Lights the night before… Wild, eh?

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