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Printing Relief Blocks on Etching Press

Printing Relief Blocks on Etching PressI’ve updated an earlier post dealing with the challenge of printing relief blocks on etching press.

Other printmakers printing relief blocks on their etching press have suggested getting discarded rubber blankets from the commercial lithography industry to use on your etching press for cushioning between the steel rollers and the woodcut or wood engraving block instead of cardboard.

The post is called Printing Relief Blocks on an Etching Press


  • John Steins

    Thanks Dave for the tip. I never thought of that before but it makes sense. I have some of that gray lino material so I will give it a try as well.

    Your engravings are quite beautiful by the way.


  • Dave Bruner

    I have very good results using unmounted linoleum(artist grade) between etching press roller and the paper. I position the linoleum side down, toward the wood engraving block. This gives firm,even pressure with just enough give to prevent damaging the block.
    I get my unmounted linoleum from Blick. I use their Golden Cut Linoleum. One sheet lasts through thousands of prints.

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