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Sarah Palin Woodblock Print

Here’s my initial proof, or first state of a woodcut I did of Sarah Palin this afternoon. I used a photo from the web as a reference. I can’t get enough of Tina Fey’s send-up of her on Saturday Night Live. I really enjoyed the show last night as delivered by that company of talented company of comedic actors. Despite Palin’s simplistic, bible-centric view on life and politics, I do admire her fearlessness and conviction even though it may be misguided.

Anyhow, here’s a shot of the actual block, measuring about 6 x 5 inches. (click on image for enlargement)

Making a woodblock as opposed to a wood engraving is way more immediate and less premeditated. I usually start chopping, at my own peril, ending up with questionable passages that give cause for second guessing. But, all in all I do like the result, but I will go back to it for some fine tuning.

Looks like there’s a few passages that need attention. The far corner of her mouth looks weird, the lip isn’t transitioning properly – guess I could leave it – whatever…

And I made her lower teeth too white, no turning back here. Remember, over-cutting is a no-no, better to go back and take out unwanted material after pulling a proof.

The hair works for me although I’m not sure about her right eye, not to mention a slip of my cutter off her chin.

As a fellow northerner with Alaska right next door I have a certain admiration for her energy and drive but I don’t think she’s qualified for the Vice Prez job.

And here is the finished Palin print. See if you can spot the changes.

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