Some of Ilgvars work – my dad :-)

Ilgvars Steins

My father, Ilgvars Steins has complete mastery over pen and ink techniques as shown above in an image titled ‘Tree Hugger’ (12.5″ x 14″)

Ilgvars Steins

He also has a pretty wild imagination. There’s so much to choose from but I picked this recent one (below) titled ‘Listening Trumpet’ (12.5″ x 14″). He often combines gouache, water colour and pen & ink on textured watercolour paper.

He’s going to be moving to Dawson in the spring so it’ll be exciting to see what he comes up with while working in his new studio.

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  • laura

    hey, how are you doing (?) ..i love your dad’s work. beautifully. smart.. and, heh, this is the dumbest trumpet i’ve ever seen.. he knows the time.

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