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Police Brutality

Introducing the Heavy Arm & Hand Award for excellence in police brutality! Police brutality award

The competition was fierce because there are so many deserving candidates for the first ever HAHA (Heavy Arm & Hand Award). Notably, the RCMP who murdered a single mother in Yellowknife,  or the gang of police in Trois Riviers, Quebec who brutally kicked and pummeled a robbery suspect in an abandoned parking lot. Each is outstanding in their own right. These two actions, among many others, certainly qualify as runners up.

Ultimately, the clear winner of the very first Heavy Arm & Hand Award is law enforcement in South Africa who chained a citizen to the back of their paddy wagon dragging him down the street to a jail cell where he died from his injuries. You can witness this act of bravery on YouTube – if you have the stomach for it. All of this happened while other citizens stood by and watched. Apparently there’s no limit to the power of authority and the politics of fear in South Africa. Congratulations!

Do you know of other peace officers who deserve recognition for exceptional use of overforce? Please feel free to nominate your favourites! The main criteria for HAHA consideration will ideally feature police violence against only those who the police are sworn to protect.

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