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Q&A ~ Looking for a unique way to show my monotype prints.

I am in an intro printmaking class in college and want to “WOW” my colleagues. I would like to hang my prints in a non traditional way and need some inspiration.

I am a ceramic major, so I wouldn’t mind incorporating ceramic or found objects either just to make it more interesting.

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  1. llama December 20, 2010


    As a print major myself I think its admirable to try and combine the mediums you are working with into a cohesive piece. I have had thought about innovative ways of hanging my prints, and to be honest It can get a little distracting, especially if the prints were not designed that way, as lets say as opposed to a wall installation or an artists book.

    If the prints were made in and of themselves they should stand alone, because they were conceived as pieces onto themselves. If you try to embellish the work by adding other things, be it objects or other mediums it could belay insecurity about the work. Let the pieces stand on their own. ALTHOUGH, you should definitely design a set of ceramics works that address the printed pieces, conceiving this body of work as a response.

    Its also important to remember that you are in an intro class and the primary focus will be on your technical skills, quality of your printing and the clarity of image. Your content will certainly be critiqued but generally in intro courses its the tech stuff they focus on most.

    You sound like your on to a great start, and you should address your questions with a sample of your work so when you begin to plan your next piece and ask for help we can give you advice based on the work your doing, its hard to give suggestions when we dont know what the work looks like.

    good luck, llama

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