Many woodcuts for sale to help a struggling artist. Where do I find buyers?

I really don’t know the way to solve my friend’s problem.

If you want to view the works, please let me know and I will send images to you. All he has is his work, not money, fame or anything.

I just hope there may be someone who understands the suffering artist and the life of utter destitution where he has sacrificed everything for his craft. I only need the opportunity to show or sell his work.

If you have any suggestions, please help by telling me what to do.


  1. Advertise them on eBay, and Craig’s list. Be sure to D/L a couple samples, also on here add a link where potential buyers could view them.

  2. you could put them in an art show or contact local small shops (like downtown) and see if they will let you put it up for sale in their shops. if not, just wait for your festival and then see it they’ll let you put it up there.

So great if you could take a minute and leave your thoughts on this.

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