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Bewick Engravings

Note: Perhaps the most rewarding way to view this wonderful book is in full-screen mode. The toggle is found on the far right of the toolbar, right above this text. Other available tools allow you to zoom in or see an overview of all the content at once. Also, you can manually turn the pages by dragging their corners with your mouse.



  1. Nancy Walter February 16, 2014


    Love this great old book. Thanks for sharing!

    I loved the video of the super large printing… one of these days I swear I need to do that. Looks like so much fun… and I LOVE the large format!

    At first, my (Griffin) press seemed so large, as I had a small press that only takes a quarter sheet. But now it seems small… once things are framed etc…

    I digress. Does that large print event happen annually? And also, have there been artists in residence… I think you mentioned one…

    I will be traveling across Canada… taking time off! (Sort of)… and although I am not sure I’ll make it to Dawson City… it is appealing. So remote!

    Let me know thanks
    Warmest regards,

    Nancy Walter

  2. John Steins February 16, 2014 — Post author

    Hey Nancy, Thanks for dropping by and for your encouraging comments. The flip book is a lot of fun but a bit labour intensive, I have a wish list of other books that I’ll get around to.

    The steamroller event was a blast with 17 other artists taking part although there’s only the two of us, Joyce Majiski and I who practice. It might happen again during arts fest here in Dawson on the August 17th weekend.

    If possible, don’t hesitate on coming up here for a visit, let me know and I’ll do what I can to help. If you look up they have a really nice residency program. And I’m thinking of starting one of my own for printmakers.

    Checked out your work, very nice!

    All the best,

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