Fractal Grafitti

The image above is called Undulating Spirits. I’ve been working on it for awhile because of a renewed interest in fractal geometry. In this case I projected some fractal shapes onto a grungy surface. Fractals of course are shapes that repeat themselves on different scales to make up a whole shape. They can be found in nature such as the fern leaf or can be generated using fancy algorithms discovered by Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of fractal geometry.


A continuum. The point at which deliberate order and reactive composition come together. The place where aestheticism meets spontaneous textural muscularity.

Charged by relational and discordant influences and polarities, the thrust is to pool these diverse energies and disciplines to build up and dismantle them at will thereby creating a new relationship between them. Art has a design.

Linocut chopped up into four pieces

Here’s another linocut from my archives that I made in the 1980’s employing a technique used by Edvard Munch. It’s the “jigsaw” method, meaning that you cut apart the elements of the lino block that you want inked separately. Then they are carefully assembled on the bed of the press and printed all at once.Read more ⟶

Lou Reed

The other day when it was uber cold outdoors I thought an antidote might be a hit of mental therapy. So I broke out a piece of linoleum and began a cut of Lou Reed. That “School of Hard Knocks” face and the quintessential New Yorker ‘dude seems irresistible. Thinking about him now that he’s gone I always felt that even thoughRead more ⟶