My baby brother!

Here’s my baby brother with his baby, Lija. This photo dates from the 1990s. The last century! Time flies when you’re having fun! Like most of us, the term “fun” may not always apply to every moment of a life well-lived. In the thick of it he and his partner Anita raised three beautiful daughtersRead more ⟶

Video: Printing a Reduction Woodcut

Here’s a video illustrating some steps on how I print a seven colour reduction woodblock print. For those who aren’t familiar with the process, it’s a method of making an intricate multi-colour print using only one block, which is printed over and over again on the same paper with different colours after subsequent parts ofRead more ⟶

Riffles ~ A Reduction Woodcut

Dawson author Dan Dowhal threw out a challenge for me and other printmakers in the form of a commission to make work based on a ‘seed’ word. In my case, it was “riffles”, as in sluice box for capturing alluvial gold nuggets, etc. when digging for gold. This is part of his initiative called TheRead more ⟶

Pen & Ink ~ Tavira, Portugal

I’ve taken to making ‘woodcuts’ and ‘wood engravings’ with nothing more than an iPad and stylus using a simple drawing application (Tayasui Sketch). Essentially, I use an additive/subtractive approach to making marks for developing the drawing so that it looks like both a wood engraving and scratchboard. It takes me a long time to doRead more ⟶

Have iPad tablet sketchbook, will travel..!

Here I sit while travelling and away from the comforts of my Yukon studio since December 27th, 2018 spending the new year in Ontario, Portugal and Spain. At the moment, we find ourselves in gorgeous San Jose, California visiting family. Away from my “comfort zone” I’m not always super enthused with that situation. I canRead more ⟶