Engraving on Wood ~ John Farleigh

Note: Perhaps the most rewarding way to view this wonderful book is in full screen mode. The toggle is found on the far right of the toolbar, right above this text. Other available tools allow you to zoom in or see an overview of all the content at once. Also, you can manually turn the pages by dragging their corners with your mouse.

* Many thanks to John Farleigh’s estate for allowing me to display this book.


  1. Thanks for making this available – not easy to get this sort of info – lots of books have a brief overview of wood engraving technique, but not this kind of detail.



  2. Thanks John, Yes I like the ability to flip through a “virtual” book. Better than nothing at all. Just need time to tackle the others I have waiting.

  3. Great idea, I’ve only just started doing lino and wood prints and value any more lessons. I am also a stuggling artist who took up printmaking a couple of years ago but can no longer afford the lessons so I am experimenting with various techniques that don’t involve using acids. I think engraving will be next it seems quite similar to drypoint which I love doing at the moment.

  4. I’m so glad this is of use. It’s a bit labour intensive to get things scanned and converted to text.

    I would encourage you to keep plugging away at doing wood blocks and wood engravings. I think it’s more affordable and certainly more portable than intaglio printing.

  5. Many thanks for the scanning. The booklet is so nice that I could not help me to order a copy from Abebooks. I will no doubt never practice woodcut printing, but I wish to assimilate the technique in such a way to to make illustrations which imitate woodblock printing, but with ink, pen and paper… or with Photoshop or Painter. Best wishes from Quebec for the New Year 2013.

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