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Student’s Book of Wood-Engraving

The Student's Book of Wood-EngravingChapter 1 – The Revival of Wood-Engraving

Chapter 2 – History of Wood-Engraving

Chapter 3 – Materials

Chapter 4 – Handling the Engraving Tool

Chapter 5 – Preparing the Design

Chapter 6 – Preparing the Block

Chapter 7 – Transferring the Design to the Block

Chapter 8 – Scraper-Board

Chapter 9 – Engraving the Design

Chapter 10 – Style

Chapter 11 – Technique

Chapter 12 – Limitations of the Medium

Chapter 13 – Possibilities & Conventions in Wood-Engraving

Chapter 14 – The Print


  1. bulletheadgx December 16, 2020

    Thank you so much for providing access to this book. I found the author’s insights to be valuable and somewhat entertaining, though in a delighful way rather that tinged with humor. I have always loved the look of antique engravings, and several years ago purchased a few books with illustrations by Lynd Ward and was really struck by the drama and atmosphere that can be achieved with wood engraving. Since I have all the necessary tools due to being a metalsmith, and my husband a wood worker, I have decided to try my hand at wood engraving. So finding this resource is a boon and an encouragement.

  2. John Steins December 16, 2020 — Post author

    That’s great news. Wood engraving is a super rewarding form of expression, especially if you’re into hyper detail work. I’m glad the literature I’ve got on this site is helpful and thanks for taking the time to let me know. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know.


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