Exploratory Sketch

Seems lately I’m addicted to using my iPad tablet as a sketchbook, which is pretty handy. With this image I’m clearly playing with emulating the look of a relief print. Making parallel lines and cross hatching is very satisfying and I do like the messy look of it in this case. Although I spent more timeRead more ⟶

Police Brutality

Introducing the Heavy Hand Award for excellence in police brutality! Police Helping Hand

The competition was fierce because there are so many deserving candidates for the first ever HHA (Heavy Hand Award). Notably, the RCMP who murdered a single mother in Yellowknife, or the gang of police in Trois Riviers, Quebec who brutally kicked and pummeled a robbery suspect in an abandoned parking lot. Each is outstanding in their own right. These two actions, among many others, certainly qualify as definite runners up.

My Letterpress

Here’s a Chandler & Price letterpress I recently purchased. It’s a platen press with a chase size of approximately 6 inches by 10 inches. This acquisition is something that’s been on the back burner for years. I’ve been harboring a desire to experiment with letterpress equipment for a long time. This past summer I tookRead more ⟶

Printing Relief Blocks on Etching Press

I’ve updated an earlier post dealing with the challenge of printing relief blocks on etching press. Other printmakers printing relief blocks on their etching press have suggested getting discarded rubber blankets from the commercial lithography industry to use on your etching press for cushioning between the steel rollers and the woodcut or wood engraving blockRead more ⟶

Officer Bubbles an Artistic Inspiration?

The police culture of today is a militaristic entity which serves the interests of the governing power and not those who gave government the power first. Yes, they cultivate the appearance of outreach and caring when the optics require it. Ultimately the true culture of policing prevails and is something we should no longer tolerate, especially when it comes to the arena of public protest as illustrated in Toronto during the summer of 2010.