What are the similarities between a stencil and linocut?


  • captsnuf

    i really cannot thing of any similarities, a lino-cut is a carving and then it is used as a stamp.
    a stencil is is cut from vellum or the likes and used to fill in with paint or some such on your canvas or wall or whatever.

  • John Steins

    A typical use of stencil in printmaking would be silk-screening where you press ink through a fine mesh onto the paper below. Of course only the areas of the mesh that are blocked with stencil material will not allow ink to pass through.

    This allows for a design to be printed, typically on t-shirts, etc.

    Some amazing art is producing using this stencil technique.

    There is no similarity between a linocut and a stencil. A linocut is printed by rolling ink on top and then laying paper down on top. Or a linocut could be pressed down on to fabric or other surfaces int a manner similar to a stamp.

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