Toronto G20 fucktard cop

Officer Bubbles an Artistic Inspiration?

The police culture of today is a militaristic entity which serves the interests of the governing power and not those who gave government the power first. Yes, they cultivate the appearance of outreach and caring when the optics require it. Ultimately the true culture of policing prevails and is something we should no longer tolerate, especially when it comes to the arena of public protest as illustrated in Toronto during the summer of 2010.

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Ilgvars Steins Interview

Here’s a really great article by Megan Graham of the Klondike Sun. She came over to dad’s studio and spent quite a few hours being entertained by his ramblings and wisdom. Interview with Ilgvars Steins When I sat down to talk with Ilgvars Steins about his current exhibition at the Confluence Members’ Gallery at SOVA, […]

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Box of Box

As a happy consequence of a major reorganization of my woodworking shop I’ve collected all my boxwood scraps into one Rubbermaid container. They are not really cast-offs – naturally – but very useful to the block-maker. In fact, these bits could be looked upon as a kind of block-maker’s porn; very exciting stuff! I’ll be […]

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Riverside Artsfest ~ 2010

For the last ten years our Dawson City Arts Society has organized an arts festival in conjunction with the Discovery Days holiday in August. Discovery Days is about remembering the discovery of gold on the creeks and the beginning of the Klondike Gold Rush in 1896. It’s a three day event that covers a lot […]

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Curating my dad’s show

A couple of years ago I moved my dad into the self contained suite on the first floor of our house, including his Scandinavian furniture and decades worth of his artwork. I have an opportunity to curate an exhibition of his work at one of our galleries here called the Confluence Gallery. Initially, the concept […]

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Shiva Inks

I found this nice box of Shiva block printing inks while organizing my studio. Unfortunately Shiva no longer exists as an ink manufacturer. They operated out of Chicago and eventually moved to their final home in Torrance, California. I believe they ceased operation four or five years ago. Shiva’s palette was based on the Ostwald […]

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