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Durer’s Christ Descending into Limbo

What are the dimensions of Albrecht Durer’s  woodcut “Christ Descending into Limbo”?

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  1. AnnOnnyMouse January 2, 2011

    Several artists produced works with that title, but I see you mean Dürer’s woodcut. ‘Christ in Limbo’, as it sometimes called as well, is included both in his Small Passion and Large Passion series, this website gives all the illustrations and sizes:

  2. John Steins January 5, 2011

    I believe it measures 27 x 38 centimeters or approximately 10.5 by 15 inches. A few years ago I had the thrill of viewing and handling a very large collection of Dürer’s prints archived at the National Gallery of Canada. I also have some amazing reproductions of his engravings that were produced in pre-war Germany.

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