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Landacre At Auction

This engraving titled Growing Corn by Paul Landacre recently sold at a Swann Galleries auction in New York for $7,200. Measuring 8 3/4 X 4 1/2 inches it was made in 1938. It was listed for $250 in an estate sale catalogue from the seventies that I have in my collection of wood engraving ephemera. Not a bad appreciation in value, of course that’s not what it’s about from the artist’s point of view – I suppose.

This really is a beautiful wood engraving. A gorgeous drawing revealing his mastery of the medium and his ability as a draughtsman.

* Click image for larger view.

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  1. carolyn mohrlock March 9, 2009

    Paul Landacre was my uncle. I would be interested to know if your Growing Corn was signed or his mark? Thank you. Carolyn

  2. John Steins March 9, 2009 — Post author

    This wasn’t my print but rather one that was auctioned at Swann.

    I do own a signed copy of Siesta but am unwilling to part with it at the moment.

    How wonderful that you are his niece! He really is one of my favorite artists.


  3. Mary Storm March 8, 2012

    I have a signed print 25/60 of “Yesterday”. My parents both took art instruction from Paul Landacre. He signed the print To Kay and Bert 1940. It is fun to learn more about him and his work.

  4. John Steins March 8, 2012 — Post author

    Thanks Mary,

    Great that you have that print, how lucky. Thanks for sharing that.


  5. Rick Freeman October 8, 2012

    That is so interesting that Mary Storm has a print of “Yesterday” from her art student parents! My mom has one of those prints (well, it’s mine now!!), and she doesn’t remember where she got it, but she was an art student at the Art Center and at Otis sometime after 1940. Small world.

  6. Peter M Ullman March 9, 2013

    I have a copy of sultry day that I purchased at an estate sale a few years ago…I absolutely love it and it has really stroked my interest in paul landacre…his work is amazing!!!!

  7. John Steins March 9, 2013 — Post author

    Yes, Landacre is by far one of my ultimate favourites. His technical mastery is unparalleled and I love the way he draws, which underscores the foundation of excellent art; ability in drawing and draughtsmanship is the underpinning of good art, regardless of medium. I’m very lucky to own a copy of “Siesta”.

  8. Anita McCreery Benson Bradley November 17, 2014

    Paul Landacre was also my uncle, married to Margaret McCreery, my father’s half sister. Who is Caroline? I possess two woodcuts and will part with them some day.

  9. Parinte David December 28, 2014

    I want to buy wood boxwood

  10. Jeremy Lee August 10, 2015

    I have a Paul Landacre print it looks to be a second printing it has a Roman numeral 2 with a 18/150 in the far right corner followed by the title both in pencil. It is signed on the bottom right corner by the artist.
    It is is excellent shape -and I am looking to sell the picture. Can you provide me with some insight or direction on how to go about doing so?

  11. John Steins August 10, 2015 — Post author

    Hi Jeremy, So great that you have a Landacre print. A good place to start would be Swann Galleries in New York, they specialize in works on paper and handle lots of his work. At the very least they could give you a valuation.

  12. david bisacca September 1, 2021

    If looking for ‘original’ paul landacre’s, on original japan paper, without # or signature wait until 2033…when the estate of ritchie ward (aka ward ritchie) comes out…you will see 100’s of them…. a fact – but hard to prove..gather the info – it’s obvious….he can release 30 years before anyone else can copy a landacre.!! (well he’s dead but his plan isn’t..

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