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How large was Albrecht Durer’s artwork?

I’m in 7th grade and am studying the Renaissance.

Albrecht Durer, famous Renaissance artist, was known for his prints made from carving the image into wood or metal, putting ink on it, and then putting it on a large paper like a stamp.

I understand that some believe that a skilled carpenter actually carved Durer’s paintings, but with each peice of artworks extreme detail and fullness, how large was the block of wood or metal it was on? I asked my teacher, but he said he wasn’t sure. Can someone help?

Also, how time consuming was the engraving? I assume it must have taken months.


  • Mr Price

    Durer’s works, like most prints of the time, aren’t large – about A4 – but most were his own. Yes, it takes time to make a wood engraving, but that’s the nature of making art.

  • ukquilter

    Well, they would have been book size (whatever that means). Have a look at the British Museums print catalogue and see if there are any sizes included.

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