Q&A ~ I want to get started etching…but how?

I really love the look of etched prints and I think my drawings are definitely suited to the medium. But how do I get started? I’ve looked at local art school courses but they only offer courses in relief printing (lino, woodcut etc) Obviously purchasing a press is out of the question. Any ideas? I’mRead more ⟶

Q&A ~ Looking for a unique way to show my monotype prints.

I am in an intro printmaking class in college and want to “WOW” my colleagues. I would like to hang my prints in a non traditional way and need some inspiration. I am a ceramic major, so I wouldn’t mind incorporating ceramic or found objects either just to make it more interesting.

How large was Albrecht Durer’s artwork?

I’m in 7th grade and am studying the Renaissance. Albrecht Durer, famous Renaissance artist, was known for his prints made from carving the image into wood or metal, putting ink on it, and then putting it on a large paper like a stamp. I understand that some believe that a skilled carpenter actually carved Durer’sRead more ⟶