rubber blanket

Printing Relief Blocks on Etching Press

I’ve updated an earlier post dealing with the challenge of printing relief blocks on etching press. Other printmakers printing relief blocks on their etching press have suggested getting discarded rubber blankets from the commercial lithography industry to use on your etching press for cushioning between the steel rollers and the woodcut or wood engraving block […]

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Studio Visit

The School of Visual Art in Dawson (SOVA) is a new accredited art school with a terrific foundation year curriculum. Instructor Veronica Verkley (photo on the left) – a great artist in her own right – brought some of her students over to my printmaking studio the other day for some show and tell. It’s […]

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Box 40

Here’s my offering for the Box 40 show which opens on the 17th of May at the YAAW gallery in Whitehorse. All members were given a blank box to decorate in some way for the exhibition which will also serve as a fund raiser for ceramic artist Patrick Royle who is in the hospital right […]

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