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What inks can I use to print a linocut?

I don’t have any ink and I was wondering if I had to go out to buy ink to print with or if I could use acrylics or something. Also, is there something I can use that will show up if I print on black paper?

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  1. Carol the Undead December 15, 2010

    You can use any kind of ink really- and you can also use acrylics, yes. There are also light colored inks that you will be able to find at your local craft store that will show up on black paper. Play with different mediums. The different consistencies will give the print a different look. That’s half the fun of creating art, exploring and finding out new ways to make an image.

  2. Natalie O December 15, 2010

    A lot of this depends on how bold your linocut is. I tend to use the soft blocks, not the true linoleum mounted on wood, and cut very bold designs (not really detailed with fine cuts). For a very boldly carved block, liquid acrylic paint applied with a brush is easy to use. Speedball makes lots of inks for linocuts, these are readily available at the big art supply companies on-line, some regular art supply stores carry these as well.

    For printing on black paper, try a metallic paint, these will show off really nice on a black background. My all-time favorite is Golden Fluids in the irridescent bronze. It’s a gorgeous color. The other option is an opaque ink or paint (white, grey, etc.)


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