Whats the single best tool for wood engraving?

im really interested in wood engraving, but i don’t have any specific tools designed for it (i do have generic chisel’s)

is there a single tool, thats good for engraving a single piece of flat wood? kind of like a portrait?

and how much would it cost? and could i find it at places like home depot and lowes?

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4 thoughts on “Whats the single best tool for wood engraving?

  1. I like my dremel tool, you can get many attachments for it. plus it’s useful for lots of things.

  2. Traditionally a very sharp set of chisels used as the clean cut requires little if any clean up afterwards it is however a slower process. A power tool like a dremel with assorted bits is faster in some senses and has a wide range of tools to smooth and sand a burred surface left by the gouge and similar bits used to rapid remove material.

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